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We help service-based businesses boost leads by at least 5%, build prioritized strategies, and market with confidence.
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Cut Through the Noise

Most small businesses are contacted 25x/mo. with a marketing offer (and that's just calls!). We help you cut through the noise and find what's right for YOU.
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Set Strategic Priorities

When you're being BOMBARDED with marketing offers (some of which are false) and running a business, it's hard to set priorities. Learn what's most important and how to take action.
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Build Marketing Muscles

Great marketing comes from practice. Our interactive, engaging lessons and events give you time and space to create essential marketing building blocks — helpful whether you're hiring someone or not.

Who is this for?

Our sole purpose in building this group is to help you build your business using sustainable, business-building strategies. We want you to boost sales and visibility NOW, while building a strong foundation for the future.

Service-based businesses

Marketing is a broad, multi-disciplinary practice. We are zeroing in on helping coaches, consultants, healers, mentors, photographers, and other service-based businesses.

Visionaries + action-takers

Our passion is helping visionaries who’ve been dismissed or disrespected, overcharged or underserved, searching for better support. BUT you have to be willing to peek down from the clouds and try. Even the smallest steps can make a big difference when it comes to visibility. 

Business builders

We teach data-informed, results-oriented marketing strategies and tactics. I'm NOT a one-trick pony or sleazy bro marketer. We all want to grow. This group is for serious business builders who know sustainable growth takes time and effort.
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Trusted by the best in small business growth and development

SBDC Oregon
Prosper Portland
Mercy Corps NW
Xcelerate Women

Your Guide: a Trusted, Empathetic Marketing Expert (20 yrs experience)

If you're struggling to balance digital marketing with running your business, I’ve got you.

I specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners to streamline their marketing strategy and processes and amplify their impact.

I use my extensive business systems experience and project design know-how, to dramatically transform your marketing from a time-suck, mysterious money pit, into a primo business-building asset.

Think of me as your ever-patient, empathetic, and resourceful marketer who geeks out on helping you to find and use the right strategies to bring your stretch business goals within arm’s reach.
“Together, we're building a community that's more expansive in its thinking.”

Jen McFarland, MPA

Empathetic Marketing Expert
Founder, Women Conquer Business

If you believe small businesses deserve the same advantages as big corporations, welcome.

This is a safe space for women and LGBTQIA+ founders with service-based businesses to get help with ANYTHING that’s holding them back. 

It’s a haven for visionaries who’ve been dismissed or disrespected, overcharged or underserved, and are searching for better support.

It’s a sanctuary for entrepreneurs who’ve been buried under mountains of can’ts, shouldn’ts, and don’ts.



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Our secret sauce is teaching essential marketing concepts simply, making them both accessible and doable regardless of your business stage or comfort level. Here's what a typical month in the membership looks like:
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Live Events

We have two types of live training options: deep-dive and marketing shortcuts. All replays are available to members. We explore what the ins-and-outs of a particular topic (e.g., social media, search engine optimization, etc.) and give you an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and explore. 

Group Coaching

These Ask-Me-Anything sessions are where the magic happens. Stuck on something? Have a burning question? Want to learn from the community? These once a month, one-hour sessions will get you over unstuck and ready to conquer the world.

Self-Paced Courses

We have almost 30 courses plus a resource library and private podcast with audio-only lessons. 

Community Chat

No, we don't have a Facebook Group (ew!), but we do have a members-only space for discussing courses, sharing wins, and getting to know each other. Woot!

Our Courses


See What Our Clients Have to Say

Tech Fairy & Authentic Marketing Coach

Jen is the best combination of business operations strategist, badass tech fairy, and common sense, authentic marketing coach. Her content—which is aimed at small businesses, solopreneurs—is fun and clear, and best of all, actually makes a difference to your bottom line. Check out her courses and monthly events!

Laura Rowe, The Vital Spirit

She Gives More Than Expected

I love working with Jen because she always gives more than expected. For every question I have or challenge I face, Jen delivers spot-on helpful advice to make my business and my life better. We shouldn’t have waited so long to get her expert advice!

Shelley Carney, Live Streamer

Useful and Practical Suggestions

Jen is a wonderful resource for women in business! Whether it's helping to figure out website issues, structuring systems for working with clients or getting your business out there, or just supporting your business ideas with useful and practical suggestions, Jen is there to help. Jen is soooo knowledgeable  - I can't say enough good things about her!

Dr. Marci Koski, Feline Behavior Solutions

Listens Keenly with Empathy

Her humble yet clear approach gives you and your team complete confidence that you are in safe hands with the precious asset of your marketing engine. Rather than show you a rigid schedule fit with a rigidly assigned strategy and set of tactics, she listens keenly and with empathy to your needs and situation before giving sound and stress-reducing advice. Her depth of knowledge gained from decades of hard work and experience is an asset that any smart entrepreneur would want to have in his or her team.

Sunil Bhaskaran, Global Business School