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I built this business because I want to encourage people with great ideas to reach their full potential, and because I know that anything is possible.

Who we are

Jen McFarland offers educational experiences to small businesses, large multinational organizations, and private individuals around the world. Our centerpiece experience, the Strategic Marketing Membership, is based on consulting industry best practices, making it the best option for small, service-based businesses.
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Our purpose

I’ve seen too many women and LGBTQIA+ owners be discouraged instead of encouraged, and I want to help shift the tide. 

My role in creating that shift is to help you streamline your business, show you how to find and leverage the right marketing solutions, create systems and processes that bring the whole operation into gorgeous, humming harmony. I am the calm, confident, honest resource for serious owners looking to grow.
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Why Should I Trust You?

Because my only agenda is to help you market your business more efficiently and effectively.

Because I can see 15 steps ahead, a superpower that allows me to understand your vision and creative ways to market your services.

Because I am honest to a fault. I won’t B.S. you. It’s just not in my nature.

Because I’m funny and patient and kind.

Because I’m a solution-builder who focuses on WHAT WORKS.

Quality Learning Solutions

We provide relevant and up-to-date content to help businesses reach today's goals and build strong foundations for the future.

Flexible Options

We provide a range of learning, from one-on-one consulting to group coaching sessions and self-paced online classes.

Service-Based Business Focus

We understand the unique challenges service-based businesses face. We design our business and marketing courses to meet those specific needs.
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Trusted by the best in small business growth and development

SBDC Oregon
Prosper Portland
Mercy Corps NW
Xcelerate Women

👋 I’m Jen McFarland.

I’m the Founder of Women Conquer Business. We help businesses make exceptional marketing decisions with courses, consulting, and content.

Our focus is on small, service-based businesses. Why? Because when you're small it's harder to get your hands on high-quality marketing support and information.

I’m an MPA with more than 20 years of training, teaching, and executive experience in leadership, project management, and digital marketing.

In a previous life, I led large-scale public sector projects for the City of Portland, affecting more than 50,000 businesses. ... Including boosting web traffic by 250%!

Today, I pour my heart and soul into Women Conquer Business. I am 100% THAT marketing nerd who just plain loves helping people solve their hairiest problems.

In summary: I am an uber-nerd who loves dad jokes and helping leaders find more joy in their work.

I am approachable, I am a goofball, and I swear on my right eyeball that I will NEVER get judgy or sanctimonious on you.

No matter how “simple” your issue may be, or how long you’ve struggled to conquer it.
Jen McFarland Strategic Marketing Membership
Your Guide

Jen McFarland, MPA

Empathic Marketing Expert

👋 I’m Alonti Brooks.

First of all, I want to say that I love being a part of Women Conquer Business. Jen is extremely passionate about the work she does. She puts her heart and soul into it; she is a true inspiration to me!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a wealth of experience in customer service, administrative support, and accounts receivable.

I have had the pleasure of working with some truly incredible companies, including large Fortune 500 businesses and the State of Washington. I am now working my dream job helping other small business owners manage their business as their Virtual Assistant.

I am originally from the beautiful Seattle, WA, area. Now, I reside in Northern Virginia with my family. I am a proud mother of four wonderful children, a supportive wife to a military veteran, and the lucky owner of an adorable Pomeranian.

We love going on exciting adventures and visiting old forts, beaches, museums, zoos, and many more amazing places!

I love sharing our adventures on my Instagram page @SavingwithSix. Be sure to join us in our explorations!
Jen McFarland Strategic Marketing Membership
Your Helping Hand

Alonti Brooks

Executive Assistant