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Advanced AI Marketing Prompts

Level up your marketing game with cutting-edge AI prompts! Unleash your creativity and speed up your strategy and content creation process.

About the Class

Add Custom Instructions to ChatGPT 
  • Create meaningful instructions for ChatGPT to reference so its writing is the right tone, addresses your audience, and more
    Adding the custom instructions to ChatGPT

Prompts You Can Use 
  • Advanced AI Prompt #1: long form social media posts 
  • Advanced AI Prompt #2 (2 parts): understanding  your writing style, creating your writing model, then using it to rewrite (or write) articles

What You Need

ChatGPT Account 

Content/Writing Samples 
  • A few paragraphs of your writing, or a transcript, etc. to aid the prompts.
  • This works best if it's a writing sample you're proud of (or particularly like).  

Creative Ideas

Course Feedback

Oh my god. Cool. I'll be tripping on this for the rest of the day.
— L.R., member
Wow. Next book, I'm gonna write it, and I'm gonna put the whole damn thing in there.
— S.G., member
It really is amazing. That was so fast.
— C.C., member