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Would you like ongoing strategy support to improve your marketing?

The Strategic Marketing Membership offers you daily support for your burning marketing questions, an extensive library of marketing classes, and monthly live calls with marketing expert Jen McFarland to help you increase reach, create better content, and streamline your operations.
Starting at $47/mo.
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I was averaging the third page of Google, consistently, before Jen's mentorship. You better believe I'm on that first page now. My inbox is full of like-minded individuals who value my artistic product.
Jen is the best combination of business operations strategist, badass tech fairy, and common sense, authentic marketing coach. Her content is fun and clear, and best of all, actually makes a difference to your bottom line.
I love working with Jen McFarland because she always gives more than expected. For every question I have or challenge I face, Jen delivers spot-on helpful advice to make my business and my life better.

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Meet Marketing Expert Jen McFarland

Welcome, friend. I’m here to help you.

Do you need to untangle the marketing mess?

It can be scary to admit that things aren’t working in your business, especially if the people around you aren’t supportive.

And let's face it, most marketers aren't helpful or supportive.

The Strategic Marketing Membership exists so we can puzzle out the problems together, create marketing strategies that work for your unique needs, and find the tools you need to retake ownership of your enterprise.

With over 25 years of marketing, business process improvement, and executive experience, Jen brings a special blend of savvy and expertise to grow your business.

It's all about connection.

Let's get to know each other. If you bring questions and concerns, and I’ll bring empathetic, compassionate answers and expertise. 

This membership is a safe space for business owners to get help with ANYTHING that’s holding them back. It’s a haven for visionaries who’ve been dismissed or disrespected, overcharged or underserved, and are searching for better support. It’s a sanctuary for entrepreneurs who’ve been buried under mountains of can’ts, shouldn’ts, and don’ts.

You can do it. I'm here to help.